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Lucky #9

Perfume Oil: Copy Cats

Perfume Oil: Copy Cats

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Our exciting and expansive fragrance blends in a wearable oil!

One (1) perfume oil in 8.5ml roll-on bottle.

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Disclaimer: As with all scented products do a patch test to ensure you are not sensitive to any components and if irritation occurs, discontinue use!

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, fragrance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I love this perfume it’s so relaxing and warm , cozy, smells wonderful!

xu huiru
smell’s a little off

It has a really peanutty scent but it does smell a little similar to sol de janiero. longevity is mid

Kendra Gowen

I’ve not smelled the “original,” so I can’t compare how close it is as a dupe and it seems to be really well blended so I can’t make out particular notes, but this smells really good! Average lasting power (about 4 hours before I can’t really smell it) but it projects pretty nicely for the first hour. Unfortunately it does turn a little “sour” on me at the 3 hour mark but that might just be a skin chemistry thing. Great smell and great value for the size/price!

Brittney Hernandez
The dupes are on point !!!

Everything smells like the orignal scent i Love the scents and the price !!

Ares In Repose
An Incredible, Fresh Fragrance for Spring

I was gifted a sample of Madigas-cat by a close friend, and very quickly used it up. This is a gorgeous Spring scent, with creamy vanilla and honeysuckle as the stars. I get compliments every time I wear it. I had to get a full size (which shipped incredibly fast!) since this is all I want to wear! I also received a sample of Thundercat in my order, which is beautifully crafted and perfect for stormy spring days.