We love that there are people out there who are passionate and
eager to share their love of Indie and small businesses with the world!

Each month we make a limited number of PR Boxes to be sent for free
to indie perfume / bath&body content creators.  These boxes are to
be used for content highlighting Lucky #9 on your chosen platforms - Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

Don't have a lot of followers or a huge audience because you're just starting out? That's okay! Our PR boxes are given to folks on our list at random!

As scent enjoyment is so highly subjective, you are by no means
limited to favorable impressions!  We only ask that you reach out to us
if there is a quality issue so that we can improve your (and everyone
else's) experience going forward.

Would you like to be added to our PR List?  Send us your info and don't forget to follow and tag us.

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