Reminder: Lucky #9 Products are to celebrate cats, but they are NOT to be used on our
furry friends!

~Coming Soon!~
June: Price changes, bundle discounts, loyalty rewards!

Mr. Hex has Transformed into Lucky #9

The same products you love with new organization and growth!

Over the coming months we will be completely transitioning the former Mr. Hex branding to Lucky #9. This will take time as we are not wasteful and need to work through the current stock of product labels.

We thank you SO much for your patience and your enthusiasm!

Progress is key!

Lucky #9 is owned and operated by a ragtag bunch of various races, genders, and sexualities. When you support us, know that you are supporting a team that believes in human rights and learning from one another's' unique experiences. If you're not into that, please keep walking. :D